Can bad gutters cause water in your basement?

Can bad gutters cause water in your basement?

Some homeowners’ worst nightmares include waking up to find water in the basement! Not only is finding water in the basement a costly hassle, but it also can potentially risk damaging your belongings. Often, homeowners do not consider bad gutters as the first reason that comes to mind to account for the water they’ve found in the basement.

However unlikely it may seem; bad gutters can be the reason for water accumulation in your basement. There are several ways in which rainwater can end up in your basement because of bad gutters. In this overview, we’ll explore some of the most seen gutter problems that can result in water in the basement.


Clogs in the Gutters

When your gutters become clogged, this can result in an overflow. Over time, debris, leaves, and other materials such as twigs and insects can become trapped in your gutters. This backup or clogging causes the stormwater to back up, as it cannot run freely through the gutters. The limited flow of water results in a gutter back up or clog.

The water that is backed up in your gutters must go somewhere. Instead of flowing down as it should, it backs up, resulting in a spill over the side. This is one way that bad gutters can result in water in your basement. In addition, clogged gutters pose other concerns. The overflow or spilling can cause other damage to the side of the house or other surrounding structures.

Gutters should never overflow. The good news is that this commonly seen gutter problem is avoidable through proper gutter cleaning. Some special gutters are designed to specifically eliminate this problem.


Sagging Gutters

Another way that bad gutters can contribute to water in your basement is through sagging. To understand this problem, take a closer look at the way gutters are installed. Metal gutters are secured with bolts and screws to keep them in place. Over time, these heavy-duty bolts become loosened or fall out completely.

This is sometimes just a normal part of exposure to elements. In some geographical locations, sagging cutters may be more common due to high winds, trapped debris, severe storms, or other natural causes.

Sagging gutters can lead to damaged downspouts or structural damage to the exterior of your home. As such, it can cause water in your basement to build up. Fixing your sagging gutters may help eliminate the cause of water in your basement.


Damages to Gutters

Damages to your gutters could also cause water in your basement to occur. If your gutters have been damaged, water may collect or spill over into places it shouldn’t. Gutter damage can occur from natural causes, such as fallen trees, hail or wind damage, or severe storms.

Fixing your gutters or replacing them may be necessary for these instances.


Improperly Installed Gutters

Gutters that were not installed properly, to begin with, can result in water in your basement. Did you try to DIY your gutters or use a non-reputable company to install your gutters? Professionally trained gutter installation professionals will use levels to ensure the correct pitch of the gutters. If this was not done, water may build up in your gutters, leading to water entering your basement.

If open gutters are mounted to a wall rather than a soffit, this can also lead to overflowing water which can leak into your walls and thus, your basement. If you suspect this is the case, call a trusted gutter installation company to assess what may have gone wrong. This can help tackle the issue of water in the basement.


Trench Around Foundation of Home

Open-top gutter systems can create a trench around your home’s foundation. If rainwater does not properly circulate throughout your gutter system, the water is forced to collect somewhere.

In some instances, it can collect near the foundation of a house, causing potential problems. The water needs somewhere to drain! Sometimes, this can be a cause of water buildup in the basement.

Suspect a problem with your gutters or found water in your basement? While bad gutters are not the only cause of water in basements, they are amongst one of the top reasons homeowners may find water in their basement.

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