Residential Restoration Services

WeDry USA is a Leading Restoration Company for Water Mitigation, Fire Damage, and Mold Removal

In the wake of a home disaster, immediate and expert care is essential. WeDry USA is your ally in disaster restoration services, specializing in water remediation, fire damage restoration, and mold removal. Our skilled professionals are committed to restoring your property with precision, turning chaos into tranquility with our comprehensive residential restoration solutions

Residential Restoration Services

24/7 Emergency Home Cleanup and Restoration Services

WeDry USA is a full-service restoration company equipped to repair homes affected by water, wind, fire, smoke, sewage, mold, storms, or natural disasters. Let us help you recover. 

Our goal is to provide you with all restoration services after your home has been damaged.

We work directly with your insurance, so they get the bill - not you!

Get It Done Right The First Time. Licensed & Certified Professionals

We know how destructive and disruptive home damage can be and the consequences if it is not restored correctly (and quickly). That's why we handle damage restoration right the first time. Our teams are not only certified but experienced and armed with the latest in restoration equipment

Whether you have been hit by a natural disaster or have property damage from a leak or every-day occurrence, WeDry USA can help.

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Residential Restoration Services

Water Mitigation
We offer water mitigation services, including 24/7 Emergency water removal and water damage restoration.
fire damage inspection
Fire Damage Restoration
Rapid fire damage restoration and  Smoke Cleanup - WeDry USA responds fast and effective
mold 4
Mold Remediation
Suspect mold? Contact WeDry USA, a professional mold removal company for mold inspection and remediation
sewage cleanup
Sewage Cleanup
WeDry USA offers 24/7 expert sewage cleanup services, responding promptly to sewage backups
disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery
After a hurricane or tornado, contact WeDry USA for professional storm damage restoration and cleanup
leak detection (5)
Leak Detection
Find and fix leaks from heater or AC fast with WeDry USA's water leak detection service
roof tarp
Roof Tarp
WeDry USA's Emergency Roof Tarp Services offer temporary protection for your property against weather
boarding-up service
Boarding Up
We help to prepare for storms and protect your property post-damage by boarding up windows and doors
Rebuild and Home Restoration
Rebuild and Home Restoration
WeDry USA offers expert rebuild and home restoration services, adeptly repairing properties after damage

WeDry USA is a leading restoration company that offers complete restoration services for all types of residential properties: single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments

We are Experts in Water Damage Cleanup, Fire Damage Cleanup, and Mold Remediation Services.

At WeDry USA, we're dedicated to meticulous restoration services, emphasizing precision in every project. Our process begins with a detailed assessment to identify the best solutions. We ensure the protection of your belongings, safeguarding your furniture and guaranteeing thorough cleanup after restoration. Our skilled approach is particularly tailored to residential needs, ensuring thorough care for water, fire, or mold damage.

Water Damage Restoration: Homes affected by water damage, whether from flooding, leaks, or burst pipes, need swift action to prevent further destruction and mold growth. Water damage restoration involves water extraction, drying, dehumidifying, and repairing affected areas, ensuring the home's structural integrity and comfort are restored.
Fire Damage Restoration: Fire not only causes structural damage but also leaves behind smoke and soot that can be harmful if not properly cleaned. Fire damage restoration includes cleaning, smoke odor elimination, soot removal, and repair of damaged structures. The process is crucial to make the home safe and habitable again, addressing both visible damage and hidden hazards.
Mold Damage Restoration: Mold can pose serious health risks and compromise the structural integrity of a property. Mold damage restoration involves identifying the moisture source, mold inspection, containing the mold spread, removing mold-infested materials, and restoring air quality. It's a delicate process that ensures the property is safe, healthy, and free from recurring mold issues.
Sewage Cleaning: Sewage backups are a severe health hazard requiring immediate attention. The process involves removing sewage, sanitizing the affected area, and restoring hygiene. This ensures the safety and comfort of the home's occupants.
Leak Detection: Undetected leaks can lead to significant damage over time. Professional leak detection identifies the source of the problem, preventing further damage and leading to efficient repairs.
Roof Tarping: A temporary roof tarp is crucial after a storm or fire damage to prevent additional water damage. It's a vital emergency measure before permanent repairs can be made.
Rebuild and Remodeling: Post-damage remodeling not only repairs but often improves a home. Whether it's updating features or redesigning spaces, remodeling can transform a damaged property into a revitalized home.
Each type of restoration has its unique challenges and requires a tailored approach, especially in residential properties where safety and comfort are paramount. Effective restoration not only repairs the damage but also aims to return the property to its pre-damaged state, providing peace of mind to homeowners.


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