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Arrival within 1 hour
We arrive within 1 hour

The WeDry USA team assigned to your home, property or business arrives within 1 hour, on average. We understand that the faster we get there, the less damage and repairs there will be. 

Professional cleanup
Professionals clean it up

Whether you're dealing with water, fire or mold damage- it's best to let the professionals clean it up. This helps reduce further health risks to you or your family as well as make sure the damage is fully identified and remediated.

Insurance bill
Direct Insurance Billing

Most homeowners insurance policies cover the cost of disaster clean up and other water, fire and mold clean-up needs. Our professionals are well versed in working with insurance so we get paid directly from them, instead of you!

WeDry USA is always available for your service. Please call us or fill out the form to reach us immediately.

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