How to Tell If You Have A Water Leak Underground

If you think you may have an underground water leak, ignoring it can make it worse. Not only do you pose the risk of causing further problems, but it may lead to more costly repairs. An underground water leak, sometimes called a slab leak, is a leakage that occurs in the pipes underneath the ground.

If you own a home or building and suspect a potential water leak underground, keep reading to learn more. It is often difficult to detect underground water leaks, as they’re not visible. Pay attention to these signs of an underwater leak in your home or business.

Risks of Ignoring an Underground Water Leak

There are several problems associated with unaddressed underground water leaks. First, it can cause damage to the structure of the home or building. Not to mention, the dampness can attract black mold or other growths which can have harmful health effects. It can also cause contaminated water to enter your home, leading to additional health problems. 

If you suspect an underground water leak, it is important to have it identified by a professional right away. By ignoring a potential water leak, you may also end up paying more on your monthly water bills. Water can cause serious damage to your home’s interior or exterior if left unaddressed.

Signs of An Underground Water Leak 

Since an underground water leak is under the ground, this type of leak is often difficult to detect. It is not uncommon that an underground water leak occurs for months or sometimes even years before it is detected. If you’ve noticed some of the following, the cause could be a potential underground water leak.

Low Water Pressure: If you’ve noticed unusually low water pressure, it could be because of a leak. This sometimes occurs when pipes are clogged, eroded, or burst. If you’ve noticed a very sudden drop in water pressure, as opposed to a gradual drop, this may also indicate you might have an underground water leak.

One simple and easy hack to find out if your water pressure is low is to turn on the shower and flush the toilet while the shower is running. If the shower’s water stops, this indicates you have low water pressure.

Water Bill Changes: Homeowners or building owners should check their water usage during a colder month of the year. If your water bill has increasingly gone up, this can indicate a problem. If you have not made any noticeable changes to the amount of water used in your home (gardening, pools, extra guests, etc), your water bill should be fairly consistent each month. Sometimes, large jumps in water bills can indicate an underground water leak.

Puddles on your Lawn: Any type of pooled up water or puddles (not associated with large amounts of rain) could mean a potential underground leak. After a while, if a leak underground is not addressed, the soil will be unable to retain more water. In turn, you are left with puddled soil. When the pools of water are left to sit there, this can cause damage and also attract mosquitoes to the area. If you suspect your puddles may be caused by an underground leak, call a professional promptly.

Damp Floors or Walls: Another sign of a potential underground water leak is dampness on your walls or flooring. Along with dampness, you may even detect an odor from mold or mildew, which are commonly seen in areas with lots of moisture. If you feel warmth in specific spots on the floor, this might also mean a leak in your hot water line.

Foundation Cracks: A cracked or broken pipe could lead to cracks in the foundation of a building. This can weaken it over time, ruining the structure and leading to dangerous situations. Not to mention, costly repairs! It is not recommended to ignore cracks in the foundation. Call for help promptly!

Water Sounds: In some instances, underground leaks may cause a water sound when no water is running. You might hear a whistling or whooshing sound. If you sense something doesn’t sound right, call a professional to investigate the source of the problem.

While these are some of the most common ways to tell if you have a water leak underground, there are several others. It is also possible you may have an underground water leak without detecting any of these problems.

Signs of an Indoor Underground Water Leak

Other signs of an indoor underground water leak include noticing dirty or rusty water within the home. You might also have a sewer or funky smell throughout your home.

Checking for an Underground Water Leak

There are some basic measures you can take yourself to see if you may have an underground water leak. First, start by shutting off all faucets within the home. Then, locate your water meter and read the reading. Some meters may be digital while others may be a traditional reading. If a digital water meter indicates a reading of above zero, this may indicate that you have an underground water leak. For analog water meters, if you see a moving silver circle or red triangle, this could also suggest an underground water leak.

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