2024's Hurricane Season: Are We Facing Record-Breaking Activity?

hurricane season 2024

The 2024 hurricane season is anticipated to be notably active, according to expert forecasts. This year, the combination of warmer Atlantic temperatures and the expected transition from El Niño to La Niña conditions is setting the stage for increased storm activity. Colorado State University (CSU) has provided a detailed forecast, predicting 23 named storms, with 11 possibly escalating to hurricane status, including five that could achieve major hurricane strength.

Such predictions are grounded in scientific analysis and comparisons with past seasons under similar conditions. The forecast also mentions a 62% chance that a major hurricane will hit the U.S. coastline. This is 19% more likely than what's usually expected.


Source: Fox Weather

Since June 2023, the weather pattern known as El Niño has been in charge, but experts believe it will fade away before the fall. Fall is important because it's usually when the most hurricanes happen.

What's expected next is either a normal weather phase or the start of La Niña. La Niña could mean less wind interference at different heights in the areas where hurricanes form, making it easier for them to develop.

Also, the experts at Colorado State University (CSU) think the waters in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico will stay warmer than usual. Warm water is crucial for creating hurricanes.


Source: Fox Weather

They've noticed that when the Atlantic water is warmer than it should be in spring, it makes the winds over the Atlantic weaker. This condition is likely to keep the Atlantic water warmer during the main hurricane months of 2024. Generally, when the Atlantic is warmer, we can expect more hurricanes because hurricanes get their energy from warm water.

For those living in regions prone to hurricanes, the forecast serves as a reminder of the need for proactive measures. Ensuring that homes are secure, reviewing insurance coverage, and having an evacuation plan are essential steps in minimizing potential impact. Additionally, staying informed through reliable sources is crucial for timely and effective response to storm threats.


With the Atlantic Ocean exhibiting higher than usual temperatures and La Niña potentially influencing weather patterns, the 2024 hurricane season demands attention and action. While the forecast highlights the likelihood of an active season, the focus remains on the importance of readiness and informed decision-making. Through preparation and vigilance, communities can better navigate the challenges posed by the upcoming hurricane season.

Link to the full study by Colorado State University (CSU) hurricane researcher: report


Quick Guide to Hurricane Readiness


Pre-Storm Preparation:

Kit Assembly: Gather essential items for a basic kit, including a minimum three-day supply of water and food, emergency radio, flashlight, first aid supplies, and communication tools.

Familiarize and Plan: Understand your flood risk, learn evacuation routes, and establish a family action plan for emergencies.

Insure Your Home: Verify flood risk and obtain appropriate insurance coverage as standard policies may not cover flood damages.

House and Property Prep: Strengthen your home by securing the roof, cleaning gutters, sealing gaps, and managing vegetation. Anchor outdoor items securely.


Imminent Storm Actions and During the Storm Safety Measures:

Final Touches for Safety: Utilize sandbags, ensure vehicle readiness, and stock it with supplies. Fully charge your phone and lower your fridge's temperature. We recommend boarding up your windows and doors. 

Follow Instructions: Adhere to evacuation orders. Seek shelter away from windows and shut off electricity if flooding is likely.


Post-Storm Strategy:

Heed Official Advice: Wait for the all-clear from authorities. Avoid floodwaters and inspect your property only after it's safe to do so. Document any damages for insurance purposes. 


Restoration and Recovery:

Prompt Response: In case of water damage, immediately seek professional help to dry and sanitize your property, preventing further damage and mold Remember, while we can't control the weather, we can control how we respond to it. WeDry USA is here to help you navigate through the storm, offering swift and efficient solutions to any damage incurred.

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