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Our team is there for you to prepare for storms or protecting your property after damage by boarding up windows and doors.

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Board Up windows and doors

When trouble is on the horizon, call WeDry USA to board your doors and windows! We always begin by measuring the windows, doors, and other entryways, then we custom cut a board to cover each of them. Next, we install these boards using plastic hurricane clips, which are not only easier and faster to put in, they also will not damage window and doorframes, as nails and screws can do. Last but not least, we will label each board before we remove it so that it can be used to protect your office or store from the next storm.

Board Up After Storm hits

Burglars, looters, vandals and squatters sometimes try to gain access to damaged structures in the wake of a major storm. Our post-storm boarding team and installation professionals can assess the damage to your home or business before you return. Then, we take appropriate measures to board up and secure your home or building to protect all remaining valuables from weather and crime.

When you need someone to help secure your home or business after a storm, call WeDry USA!


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24/7 Emergency Boarding Up Services

Boarding up is a crucial emergency measure that serves as a first line of defense in protecting a property from further damage after a disaster, such as a storm, fire, or vandalism. It helps to stabilize the situation until professional restoration services can commence repairs, ultimately saving time and reducing the cost of recovery. This proactive step is not just about safeguarding a physical structure, but also about protecting the personal belongings and memories housed within, providing peace of mind to occupants during tumultuous times.

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Boarding Up Steps

  • Assessment and Measurement:

    First, we inspect the property to identify all openings that need to be boarded up, such as windows, doors, and any breaches in the structure. Then we measure these openings to determine the size of the plywood or boards needed.

  • Preparing Materials:

    Following that, WeDry USA technicians acquire the necessary materials, including plywood sheets (preferably 1/2 inch or thicker for strength), nails or screws, and tools like a hammer, drill, saw (if cutting is required), and safety equipment.

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  • Cutting Plywood to Size:

    Based on the measurements taken, we cut the plywood to fit each opening. It's important to ensure a snug fit to effectively secure the property and prevent elements or unauthorized entry.

  • Securing the Plywood:

    Then we place the cut plywood over each opening. Secure it in place using nails or screws, drilling directly into the frame or the surrounding structure. For added security, especially in high-risk areas, use bolts or carriage bolts that go through the plywood and the frame, securing with nuts on the inside.

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  • Sealing Gaps:

    For added protection against water damage, consider sealing the edges of the plywood with caulk or a waterproof sealant to prevent water from entering the property.

  • Safety Check and Cleanup:

    After boarding up, perform a final inspection to ensure all openings are securely covered and that there are no safety hazards, such as protruding nails or screws. Clean up any debris or materials to keep the area safe.

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WeDry USA works directly with your insurance to get paid.  Our experts review your policy and work directly with your insurance to get your damage covered and paid for.

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Frequently Asked Boarding

Why is it important to board up windows before a storm?

Boarding up windows is crucial for protecting your property from high winds and flying debris during a storm. This preventive measure helps prevent window breakage, reducing the risk of injury and property damage.

How long should the boards stay up on my windows?

The boards should remain in place until repairs are completed and it's safe to remove them. The duration can vary based on the extent of the damage and the speed of the repair process, but it's important to keep them up until all structural repairs are securely made.