Professional Fire Damage Restoration

If your home or building has suffered from fire damage, call WeDry USA today. We arrive within 1 hour and are certified fire damage clean-up and restoration experts!


Fire and smoke damage cleanup

Fire or smoke damage can bring your life or business to a standstill. Dealing with the aftermath can be truly overwhelming. Smoke and water sometimes causes more damage than the fire, so you need a trusted company with experience in fire and smoke damage restoration to help.

Fire Damage Cleanup

We know how destructive fire damage is and the consequences if your home or building it is not restored correctly. That's why we handle fire damage restoration right the first time.

You can trust our fire damage restoration services and certified professionals.


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24/7 Emergency Services.

Clean-up Starts When the Fire Stops. With WeDry USA’s 24-hour emergency service, our certified technicians can quickly be on site to evaluate the damage and start the cleanup process. Using state of the art equipment, and arriving quickly, we can help prevent further damage to your belongings due to soot, smoke, water and other damages. After an initial inspection, we will provide you with complete fire restoration plan for any scale of fire damage to your home or business.


Fire Damage Restoration Steps

  • Inspect the damage
  • Board up and tarp / cover roof
  • Removing water damage
  • Remove soot and smoke
  • Smoke odor neutralization
  • Structural cleaning
  • Fire damage repair
  • Sanitizing & cleaning
  • Work directly with your insurance
  • Scheduled ongoing check-ins to make sure there is no remaining damage

We Work Directly With Your Property Insurance

WeDry USA works directly with your insurance to get paid. Most property insurance policies have water damage coverages, so our experts review your policy and work directly with your insurance to get your damage covered and paid for.

Our Certifications

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Frequently Asked Fire Damage

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage?

Yes! Homeowners insurance and property insurance covers your home (or office) and belongings if they're damaged by smoke or fire. Because fire can destroy everything, it's important to have enough coverage for your home and belongings. 

What to do after a house fire

  1. Find safe shelter
  2. Get a fire report
  3. Call your insurance and start a claim
  4. Call a fire damage restoration company to help clean-up and secure your property 
  5. Protect and secure your home (even if it's damaged, insurance may deny your claim if you do not properly secure and protect what they believe you can)
  6. Get pets and children checked by a doctor for smoke inhalation damage

How to get rid of fire smoke in house?

White vinegar is famous for cutting through odors. It is safe to use on walls, floors, furniture and more, so wipe down items in the affected area. Also, leaving several bowls of vinegar around the room with the smoke damage for several days can help with remaining odors. Air purifiers are a great option as well for quickly removing odors and ensuring healthy indoor air quality.

How long after a fire can you move back in?

Time away from your home or building can vary after fire damage. Small fires can mean restoration takes from 1-8 weeks. Significant damage from a house fire could mean months of restoration or a new build depending on the extent. 

What is considered smoke damage?

Smoke damage is any structural or physical damage that occurred as a result of the smoke, not the fire. Smoke can permanently damage objects and belongings, just differently than a fire does.