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Water contaminated with sewage backup should be considered an emergency situation and dealt with as quickly as possible. WeDry USA sewage clean-up pros are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sewage Cleanup

When your sewer system is backed up,
we handle the initial sewage
clean-up all the way through to complete water damage restoration.

When your home is exposed to black water (sewage water) either through sewage backup, toilet backup, or sewer leak- special measures are required. Sewage water is a biohazard, meaning it's contaminated and can contain pathogens, toxins and other harmful agents.

Sewage damage should be cleaned as soon as possible in order to prevent cross contamination of bacteria and viruses, such as E-coli, to other unaffected areas and reduce health risks.

We Get It Done Right: Licensed & Certified Professionals

According to the IICRC standards for Professional Water Damage Restoration, sewage clean up should be done only by experienced and trained technicians equipped by full protective suits, gloves, masks and using special machines such as air scrubbers and dehumidifier.

WeDry USA uses state of the art equipment and certified, professional technicians. After an initial inspection, we provide you with a complete clean up plan for any scale of sewage damage; large or small.



Sewage Cleanup Service Person-min

24/7 Emergency Sewage Clean-Up

WeDry USA certified sewage clean-up professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are sewage and water damage restoration specialists with the specialized training, equipment and protective gear necessary to safely restore your home or business.

What To Do If You Have Sewage Backup or Leak

If you have a sewage backup, toilet backup, or sewer leak, in either your residential or commercial property, the most important issue is safety. Move pets, babies, and anyone who is sick or may have a weak immune system to a safe area, far away from any raw sewage. Next, call in the WeDry USA professionals to handle your sewage water removal!

Our sewage damage restoration procedures include:

  • Assessment of the affected areas and materials
  • Planning a course of action with the property owner/ manager
  • Water and sewage extraction and removal
  • Removal and disposal of non-salvageable materials
  • Clean-up and sanitizing
  • Using of drying and cleaning equipment such as air scrubbers and dehumidifiers
  • Daily moisture monitor and log progress
  • Daily moisture inspection and monitoring
  • Detailed report and certificate of the sewage damage remediation service


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Does homeowners insurance cover sewage clean-up costs?

Sewer backups are never covered under standard insurance policies. However, some insurances offer them as optional coverages, but there are usually limitations and doesn't always offer enough to complete repairs for all your damage.  

What is category 3 water?

The IICRC S500 defines Category 3 water as: “grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted or consumed.”

What are some examples of Category 3?

  • Sewage
  • Rising water from rivers, lakes and streams
  • Some rain from hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Oceanwater

How long does sewage contamination last?

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How to clean up raw sewage in yard

Generously apply garden lime to the sewage spill. Use a rake or shovel to mix the lime into the sewage. Allow the lime to dry at least overnight. Then, use a rake or shovel to remove the material and put it in a contamination bag. Once you are finished, you should throw away the contamination bag, along with any tools or gloves you used into your trash bin. 

Medium and large sewage leaks should DEFINITELY be cleaned up by professionals, call WeDry USA if you are in need!

The Sewage Water Clean-Up & Restoration Company You Can Trust

Let’s be honest, sewer water is gross. If it’s "standing" in your home or office, it’s dangerous. Call the WeDry USA professionals today to start your sewage water clean-up.

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